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A handmade natural product
Nerdo produces natural leather products. The material is not completely homogeneous. There will be differences in the structure, drawing and brands, depending on the animal's life and behavior. One should therefore expect a personalized and unique product that is not 100% uniform and free of marks.

Leather Products that are hand-made, are very robust and can in many cases be more than other products. As the leather is a natural product, it will also change over time in use. An Phone Holster stretch and become more smooth inside when used. It becomes easier and more friendly to use in this way. Wear and adaptation will give the product even more personality and charm.

A natural product like leather should be nurtured. It would be an advantage to provide the product with leather conditioner every year. That way you can easily have a valuable leather product in daily use for 5-10 years and more.


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